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We welcome you to Complete Equine Performance. We offer a variety of exercise programs and therapy treatments to best fit your horse and their specific needs! Some of the options we offer include: Swimming and Equi-Sizer sessions, PEMF, Laser, and Solarium Light Therapy, along with other options.

We make it our top priority to provide your horse with the best care. We also offer a line of Equine Daily Supplements, Performance Supplements, and Pre/Post Race Paste. Our products are Clean, All Natural, and contain absolutely no fillers.

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CEP - Kool & Tight
$ 35.00$ 50.00
CEP - Gut-Check
$ 99.00$ 299.00
CEP - Vitality
$ 45.00$ 85.00
CEP Kool-It
$ 35.00$ 65.00
CEP - Vitality Plus
$ 55.00$ 95.00
CEP - Hoof Rx
$ 110.00
5.00 out of 5

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