CEP Protect-It

$ 90.00

CEP Protect-It. A natural source of vitamins and minerals that aid in the digestion system and helps stabilize as well as helps maintain the horse’s PH.

  • Over 80 Vitamins and Minerals
  • Natural Electrolytes
  • Helps Build A Strong Immune System
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CEP Protect-It: A natural and abundant source of vitamins and minerals and added colostrum that aids in building a well rounded daily nutrition and helps stabilize as well as helps maintain the horse’s digestive system and ph.

  • A great source of Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, and E
  • A great source of Zinc, Iodine, and Magnesium
  • Fantastic for anemic horses due to the levels of Iron, Potassium, and Copper
  • Contains Colostrum

Colostrum is very beneficial in building the immune system and providing concentrated nutrients which can also help establish a healthy gut.

A proprietary blend of kelp, sea salt, and colostrum. 

Feeding Directions:
Loading Dose/Extreme Cases: 2 scoops per day as needed.
Maintenance: 1 scoop per day

Each bucket contains 120 doses.
1 scoop = 1 dose

This product is made up of 100% all natural ingredients and does not contain any sugars, starches, corn, soy, rice bran, or synthetic ingredients.

This product is intended for daily use to maintain the freshness of the ingredients. Make sure the lid of the bucket is complete and properly sealed after each use. CEP is not responsible for spoiled product if proper use and proper storage are not utilized by the customer.