Solarium Light Therapy

The solarium uses short-wave infrared heat. The same heat produced by the sun only without the harmful UV rays. The infrared heat increases the metabolic activity of cells resulting in capillary dilation. This in turn increases blood flow through the body bringing oxygen & nutrients to the cells. This increased circulation also improves muscle elasticity, which helps in the reduction of injuries & speeds up the recovery process. In addition, infrared light has been shown to stimulate the immune system and provide Vitamin D, which is vital in the absorption of calcium & phosphates, the building blocks of strong & healthy bones.


    • Increases blood circulation & cellular metabolism
    • The solarium has shown to be extremely useful to treat horses that are prone to tying up
    • Effective at treating horses with sore or tender backs
    • Effective at treating horses with skin conditions
    • Increases blood & oxygen supply

      • Strengthens immune system
      • Less muscle pain in saddle area
      • Healthier & shinier coat
      • Promotes relaxation and recovery
  • Solarium Light Therapy
    Solarium Light Therapy