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CEP Amp-Air. A pre performance paste that helps aid in respiratory and lung functions along with minimizing mucus build up while providing a boost of energy for competition.

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CEP Amp-Air: A pre performance paste that helps horses who need more air and fire in their runs. This paste can aid in respiratory and lung functions along with minimizing mucus build up. CEP Amp Air contains 10mg of B12 per 10cc dose! CEP Amp-Air has the same properties as CEP DAILY LUNG. The only difference is CEP AMP-Air contains added B12.

CEP Amp-Air is a natural herbal blend which may assist in oxygen flow to the lungs and helps to support the strengthening of the respiratory system. CEP Amp-Air is a unique blend of ingredients that provide optimal support for strengthening the respiratory system and may assist in speeding up the oxygen flow faster and more freely to the lungs assisting in the flushing of infections, allergies, and foreign particles that may cause issues in the normal function of the respiratory and lung systems. CEP Amp-Air is also packed full of antioxidants and can also help assist in building the immune system.
•  Helps improve respiratory conditions
•  Provides Tyramine which helps assist in the stopping of bleeding
•  Assists in lung and respiratory function
•  Helps flush infection, allergies, and foreign particles

•  Contains Antioxidants and can help build the immune system

A proprietary blend of herbs, B12, Benzoic Acid, Apple Flavor, Glycerin
Recommended Dosage:
10CC 6-12 hours prior to competition or extreme workouts.

8 doses per tube
10cc = 1 dose

Store product in an area safe from falling, rolling, or being thrown around it in motion. Avoid storing paste in extreme heat or freezing temperatures. Make sure the cap is completely and properly sealed on the tube for storage and the paste is stored in an upright position. CEP is not responsible for spoiled product if proper use and proper storage are not utilized by the customer.