CEP Pure Sweat

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CEP Pure Sweat is a unique blend designed for horses struggling to control their body temperature and helps assist non-sweating horses.

Bian Dou: Helps by pulling heat from the body
Hou Po: Supports the spleen and relieves labored breathing
Jin Yin Hua: Clears away toxic materials and has antiviral effects
Lian Qiao: Halts invasion of pathogenic influences
Xiang Ru: Activates the blood, promotes tissue regeneration, and hormone regulations.
Kelp: Contains a high amount of antioxidants

Pure sweat and Daily Lung are recommended for horses with struggling with anhidrosis.

Bian Dou, Hou Po, Jin Yin Hua, Lian Qiao, Xiang Ru, Kelp
This product is made up of 100% all natural ingredients and does not contain any sugars, starches, corn, soy, rice bran, or synthetic ingredients.

Maintenance: 1 dose per day 
Severe Cases:
2 scoops per day

60 scoops per bag
1 scoop = 1 dose

This product is intended for daily use to maintain the freshness of the ingredients. Make sure the bag is completely and properly sealed after each use. CEP is not responsible for spoiled product if proper use and proper storage are not utilized by the customer.