CEP Kool & Tight

$ 35.00

A poultice that has combined ingredients to provide your horse a long, lasting cooling application along with a tightening and drawing ability to keep horses, cool, tight, and fresh.

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INGREDIENTS: water, benzonite clay, isopropyl alcohol, witch hazel, menthol, amino methyl propanol, carbomer, SDA 40 alcohol

The KOOL & TIGHT has a combination of ingredients to provide your horse a long-lasting cooling application along with a righting and drawing ability to keep horses cool, tight, and fresh. Horse’s legs have stayed cool as long as 6-8 hours with this product and tight for up to 12 hours!

It washes off clean and smooth will not leave a residue.

It can be used and applied over the entire body to help ease soreness. We have had this product help back soreness, mares with discomfort over their ovaries, shoulder soreness, and many other areas such as: hocks, stifles, tendons, ankles, knees, etc!

How it differs from the CEP KOOL IT is the ability to tighten as it draws out, cools, and relaxes your horse.

This product also works amazing in conjunction with the CEP Relieve it

 Can be brushed off or washes off smooth without any residue
Water, Bentonite Clay, Isopropyl alcohol, Witch Hazel, Menthol, Amino Methyl Propanol, Carbomer, SDA 40 Alcohol